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Our mission


My name is Josh.  I am a father, teacher and bio/neuro-hacker. I work with other adults and kids so that we may help kids become future ready by starting their self-improvement journeys as soon as possible. 

I believe that:

  • we all have superhuman potential.
  • we can achieve that potential by making our minds and bodies as healthy as possible.
  • the trend is that kids are often actively discouraged from embarking on their own self improvement journeys.
  • we have an exciting opportunity to work out how to how to and then counter this trend. 

What we do


  • benevolent collective world domination.
  • a YouTube channel that documents kids hacking their own biologies and psychologies. I am currently fundraising on GoFundMe for some bio-sensing tech so that these kids can quantitatively measure the effects of their efforts.
  • a podcast interviewing parents that consider themselves to be consciously making their kids future ready.
  • a podcast interviewing educators with a focus on how they cultivate bravery and trust in their classrooms, schools and communities.
  • A blog with articles that include hacks, tips and tricks for kids, parents and educators.

Our name



  • all systems like computers, human culture, the human body and our brains can be hacked. The more we know about these processes the more we can use them to improve ourselves.


  • from AU NZ vernacular 'dux of the school', meaning the highest ranking student. 
  • of course hackingDux is a hacked appropriation of the term with a vision of helping all young people achieve their own superhuman potential.

hackingDux Youtube channel

hackingDux: Hacking the classroom


  • The hackingDux: classroom hacks  Youtube Channel will feature students experimenting with various self hacks and classroom hacks. We hope to build a community of classroom hackers. 

YouTube Channel

Parenting Podcast


Parenting Bravely for the Future

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